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011: Once upon a time, I started a blog...

October 18th, 2010 at 05:37 am

And then I promptly stopped for several months. What has happened since then?

-Survived the Olympics.
-Finally tackled the beast known as my Canada Student Loan. Paid a small amount of money. Was reassured that situation would be fine. Applied for the Repayment Assistance Program.
-Major depressive disorder got a little bit worse.

-Owed Student Loans more money.
-Had a severe lung infection.
-Major depressive disorder got a little bit worse.

-Found out that Student Loans had messed up. Owed about 750.
-Got extremely sick of work.
-Broke down and sobbed at work.
-Went back on my meds.
-Made the steps to go to a food bank.
-Was contemplating dark and morbid things when the Canada Revenue Agency gave me a generous tax refund.

-Paid off that enormous debt, was approved for the Repayment Assistance Program.
-A friendship started to unravel.
-Found out my financial situation allowed me to get my depression meds for free.


-Went on a trip to visit family. It was horrible.
-My younger cat turned three!
-The money left over from my tax refund started to dwindle.
-Some dear friends moved out of Vancouver.

-Money left over completely dwindled.

-Paid off a 500 overdraft and closed it!
-Moved to a new bank, finally. No frozen funds for me!
-Still had yet to hear a Justin Bieber song.

October, so far:
-My older cat turned four!
-Paid off a 100 overdraft and closed it!
-Received motivation to apply for new jobs.
-Have a tiny amount of savings. Small steps.
-Found out that Justin Bieber assaulted a twelve-year-old boy. Did not care.

57,837.33 of debt, excluding interest, will be all paid off.

001: No rest for the wicked.

January 31st, 2010 at 11:52 pm

It's 11:43pm on a Sunday night. I feel like I've swallowed a huge chicken bone. My credit card payment of 350.22 was due yesterday. I have 532.93 in my checking account. I have -484.90 in my savings account, with an available balance of 15.10. That's before they take off money for service charges, mind you.

My rent's due tomorrow. 550.00. Cat food and litter will cost at least 20.00. And I need food for myself (ramen noodles will have to do).

Oh, and I am also in arrears for my federal student loan. I owe about 32,000.00. Let's not forget my provincial student loan in which I owe about 11,500.00. And let's not forget my credit card debts, shall we? 7,100.00 for my American card. 8,700.00 for my Canadian card.

Hi, I'm Luna (that's an alias, but it means "moon" in Latin and is very pretty, I think). I am about 60,000.00 in debt, and that excludes interest. I'm also twenty-seven years old.

I will tell my story later. Right now, I have to go to bed so I can get up early and call my bank and tell them I can't pay the credit card. I think I'll hit Debtors Anonymous after work. And I'll make an appointment with a credit card counseling company.

If only I hadn't first used that credit card, back in 2004. I bought a ten-dollar pair of jeans. Wow. I'd do anything to only owe ten dollars now.